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An in-demand songwriter and acclaimed independent artist, Angel’s road twisted and turned to get to this point. She wrote three songs on GRAMMY® Award-winning singer Alison Krauss’s 2011 offering, Paper Airplane, as Nashville’s Music Row crowned her, “Nashville’s next stealth pop weapon.” Her 2012 self-titled debut spawned “These Days,” which notched 6 million-plus Spotify streams.

“When I met Alison I knew that something was about to happen in my life,” Snow recalls. “The stars aligned in one afternoon, and I met her at the home of a mutual friend. I gave her a CD and she asked me to come to her house the next day. She made me realise that better things were in store for me. It was more than I could have ever hoped for. She felt like her brother Viktor and I would have cool creative chemistry. She was right on, because a week later Vik and I wrote the song ‘Lie Awake’ on our first meeting. And that song ended up on the new Alison Krauss and Union Station record.”

The highest calibre of artistry is often intertwined with the deepest sincerity. As is the case with Angel Snow, whose music is the truest and most honest reflection of her life. Her story plays out in self-penned songs, where detail by detail she lets the listener in on her innermost thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Sometimes sorrowful, often hopeful, and always looking toward faith, Snow’s music is nothing if not sincere. Combine this honesty with sweeping folk melodies and bluesy guitar riffs, and the result is the captivating landscape of sound found on her self-titled debut album.

Much like the music of her greatest influences, Snow’s songs veer between imagined stories like this one and real-life experiences, always showing incredible sympathy for the suffering and downtrodden. Among her favourite songwriters are Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Bob Dylan, Trent Reznor, and Elliot Smith.

After touring the globe, she desired to expand and evolve her style beyond traditional Americana and folk. “I’ve always tried to create things that express who I am or explore the stories of the people around me,” Angel comments.

Her long voyage of faith has led her to the present, where opportunity appears limitless. “It’s an amazing feeling,” she says of her success thus far. “It’s indescribable. It’s been a hard road, and a lot of hard work, but it’s all been worth it. It’s been a hell of a journey.”

“Angel Snow writes and performs the kind of music you can just fall in love with!” (Laurel Canyon)


Ida Wenøe (pron. EEda VAYnoo) is an indie-folk artist of the highest calibre, with tinges of Americana and a Nordic inflection, the sum of the musical parts creating a rare beast and a thing of great beauty.

2016 saw a whistle-stop 7-day introductory UK tour, which showcased her genuinely unique talent as a solo artist here for the first time, bolstered by radio plays from BBC6Music’s Tom Ravenscroft and Gideon Coe.

This was followed up by a two-week tour of England and Wales in 2017, to further cement her relationship with some UK audiences.”

“ A childlike fragility that makes the songs sound like whimsical folk for fairy tales with a sinister undertow. Her voice – weary but cute, with the power to cut through – is perfect; she sounds like the young narrator of her own magical-malevolent fantasies!” (The Guardian)


RUNAH is an art-folk artist who takes influence from mythology, psychology and poetry to create a mystical experience.

She tells stories through songs and invites the audience to escape with her to a world of their creation.

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