• 15
  • 01
  • 2019
  • 07.30
  • pm

Bedlam Bookings presents

Please note this is an 18+ event

Idle Crooks & Englishmen

“Riff is the keyword for Idle Crooks. All the tracks start with an instantly catchy riff and waste no time in developing/exploding before one gets too comfortable. That explosive vibe, courtesy of Adam Hall’s frantic drumming, carries weight and is frequently found across the four tracks. ‘Strangers Greed’, a ballad in comparison to the raw delivery of the other tracks (most notably the closer ‘Witchcraft’). The pacing of the EP, aided by melodic breaks accompanied by Hurn’s crooning voice, is perfectly executed and lends itself to the expansive and filled out sound. For only a four song EP, it’s staggering how much the Crooks squeeze in. Riff after riff, drum fill after technical drum fill, crash after crash, you’re pulled along by the meaty hook they’ve tossed.” – Bitter Sweet Symphonies.


In a time where alternative music has largely lost its raw edge and originality, punk rock, unfortunately, doesn’t have the bite it once had. Ready to chomp down on the scene, however, Valensole’s candid music and high-energy live performances are set to give punk rock a new lease on life. Reared by an eclectic mix of rock music, with a particular affection for Nirvana, Green Day, Sum 41, and early Foo Fighters, the band have taken their cues from past masters and have forged their own imprint and style.