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Chris Mills Featuring Sophia Marshall & Quiet Loner

Please note this is an 18+ event

Chris Mills is, quite simply, one of the most devastatingly wonderful musicians I have heard. I know I would say that, wouldn’t I, but if you know me you know I only put on gigs for folk whose work I really love and I am so excited he is returning to Manchester again after far too long. Don’t just take my word for it, here’s some proof the media sometimes speaks truth:

“Over the last few years (Mills) has quietly assembled an immensely impressive catalogue. His songs are literate, funny and endearingly hangdog …..””- The Independant, UK

“His hidden elegance lies in the twist of lovesick metaphor, the wistful chord, the revisionist take on the slamming door. “- NME

“Chris Mills is the best songwriter we have in Gotham currently…..That said, whether the tracks date from 2011 or a decade previous, those compiled on Heavy Years: 2000-2010 are among some of the best songs you’ll hear. Ever.”- Rob Browning, Skyscraper

” “Underrated” is very often an inappropriately used word in reviews. Chris Mills however, is definitely underrated, for he too is some kind of musical genius, but you’d never know it from the paucity of critical approval, or indeed sales, that comes his way. The proof of said genius lies in the grooves, or whatever CDs have, of this Best Of set “- Americana UK

This is your ONLY chance to see him play in the UK outside London this year (and those London gigs have sold out anyway). I’m really thrilled he will be playing The Eagle in Salford, a Proper Good Pub and of course there’s more fantastic music on the night too:

Quiet Loner, aka Local Hero Matt Hill and a longtime favourite of The LRM. Over 15 years, 4 albums and hundreds of performances Hill has gained a reputation as an understated yet powerful solo performer delivering a live show that is emotional, political, occasionally angry but nearly always gentle and human. Combining skillful flatpicking with lyrical wordplay, his albums have been praised for their emotional qualities, their honesty and the way they connect with the listener. Other folk say ‘Bleakly beautiful.’ UNCUT **** ‘Possibly the most important record of the year. 5 out of 5’ MAVERICK | ‘An anthem for resistance – 10 out of 10’ AMERICANA UK

Sophia Marshall – formally one half of the acclaimed Alt-Country/ Americana do The Havenots has delighted audience with her spellbinding voice and songs, often likened to singers such as Hope Sandoval, Emmy Lou Harris and Gillian Welch. Since the launch of her solo career, she has continued to develop and hone her own musical voice, showcasing her individuality alongside fond influences worn proudly on her sleeve, but always presented with sincerity and sometimes painful. Sophia’s gloriously sad ballads and strong sultry vocal performances reach out across genres to break any listener’s heart, whilst her more upbeat indie/folk numbers will put smiles on faces and set toes tapping.

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