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  • 2018
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Please note this is an 18+ event

ESCAPE THE FUTURE venture to Manchester for the FIRST TIME EVER! This will be a party not to be missed. Barely out of their teens, the band was formed in late 2016 by singer-songwriter and bassist Joe Wenman who was sick to death of Saturday night talent shows and the constant stream of manufactured pop served up by the mainstream. Recruiting likeminded souls in the shape of Alfie Bowers and Bailey Havill, Escape The Future were born and have been steadily building an enthusiastic following since.

Joe lives for punk music and believes he can make a difference to people whom have gone through similar difficulties in life and to the music world itself. “I’m not gay; a lot of people think I’m gay. I have a girlfriend. She thinks I’m gay”.
Alfie is constantly bullied for his worst memory…vomiting all over the band van on his first ever gig with ETF. Particles of puke are still discovered occasionally and are donated to the local Boy Scout group to be used as fire starting fuel.
Bailey was sadly diagnosed with Tourette’s meaning that he regularly calls the other members ‘Prick’ or ‘Vagina’.
With a large range of inspiration from bands like Blink 182, Buzzcocks, Green Day and The Undertones, the three-piece mix inappropriate lyrics with heartfelt words that see them effortlessly move from deep love songs to tongue in cheek, to songs about mental illness, politics and having sex. (FULL BIO AT www.musicglue.com/escapethefuture/bio)

The Divide are a local Manchester band riddled with the job of supporting the ETF boys. What a combo!

Conor Molloy will be opening up the night. He is a Singer/Songwriter from North Manchester who writes and plays his own material. Many of his songs can be characterised as being chirpy tunes with dark lyrics and they often tell a story. There is the occasional ‘poppy’ number, the occasional ‘folky’ number and the occasional comedy number to be found in his set. The lyrics are an important part of what he does.
Amongst his influences are Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen & Paul Heaton.
He has been actively gigging in an around the Manchester area as well as further afield. Check out his website for more details: www.conormolloymusic.com

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