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  • 2019
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Please note this is an 18+ event

Krankschaft have long been a popular live attraction at their own shows and festivals all over the UK. Their 4th album “Three” was lauded in the press and by fans as their best work to date, Krankschaft were on a roll and ready to consolidate their groundwork with a stunning fifth album “III:Mysteries”.

However everything derailed in 2017 when Guitarist/Vocalist Steve Pond was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer. Everything was cancelled and Steve was fast tracked into surgery, 6 weeks later he emerged from hospital 3 stone lighter but determined to play again.. in his own words: “Wilco Johnson had the same operation as me and they made a movie about him.    where are the cameras?”

Krankschaft returned to live performance with a triumphant appearance at the HRHProg6 Festival, and now they have a new album and live dates ready to go!

Continuing where 2016’s “Three” Left off “III:Mysteries” looks deeper into the world we live on, is it hollow? is it flat? all conspiracies are investigated via Kranschafts unique blend of hyper catchy tunes humour and tight but loose playing.

Unashamedly retro, Alex Tsentides on Bass, Kevin Walker on Drums and Steve Pond on Guitar/Vocals used “waiting around” to travel from the 70’s to now, but brought with them the authentic sound of the power trio, a species once thought extinct but wonderfully alive in their capable hands.

Known for packaging their CD’s lavishly III:Mysteries comes stuffed with stickers, a poster, comic book, lyric decoder, beer mat(!) and most importantly a functioning Chem Trail Test Kit to check just how much your soft human brain is being toyed with by       who?

In the words of one innocent reviewer who witnessed their return:

There are many reasons to have warm, cuddly feelings for Krankshaft. The high octane trio – self-styled ‘time travellers’ from the 70s – throw prog and punk together with so much infectious enthusiasm it’s impossible not to smile, soak up the songs and fight the urge to pogo. Steve Pond does a nice line in geeky humour and the band are tighter than a Tory in the Treasury. More than anything, a group who can write a song about sheep – and make it seriously excellent – demand all our love.”