• 04
  • 05
  • 2019
  • 07.30
  • pm

MCR Nights + Steel City Collective present Summer Nights 1.0 Featuring Neon Proxy, Aeronexus & Contre-Attaque

Please note this is an 18+ event

MCR Nights and Steel City Collective are proud to present Summer Nights, a new Synthwave Showcase of live acts bringing you the best of this exciting musical genre.

What is Synthwave we hear you ask!  Wikipedia answers with “Synthwave – (also called outrun, retrowave and futuresynth) is a genre of electronic music influenced by 1980s film soundtracks and video games”  That’s as good as a description as you’ll get from us but come, join us and make your own mind up.

A brief introduction to our live acts:

Neon Proxy:  Experimental dark synth artist based in Liverpool. It’s pretty hard to pinpoint just one label on this guy! Check out his varied catalogue of releases on Bandcamp


Aeronexus:  Aeronexus is a UK Based electro artist delving into ambient soundtrack and space-synth. Inspired heavily by Vangelis, Vince DiCola and Tangerine Dream he deftly uses a mix of ambient, orchestral and synth producing a mix of styles and sounds, all drawn from the music he’s been inspired by.

He builds his own universes, painting vivid space soundscapes with an epic sound, all supported with his own unique imagery. The Aeronexus style continues to evolve with a clear progression and narrative starting with the ambient soundtracks of early works to a more textured sound as demonstrated in more recent releases with a definite ‘space-synth’ style, as encapsulated on his single Starship Supernova.

Don’t be mislead by the soothing sounds of his releases, the Aeronexus live show will pick you up and take you on a journey through time and space!


Contre-Attaque:  Powerful, hard-hitting and blisteringly frantic. Contre-Attaque fuses 80’s synth nostalgia with imposing metal riffs. Strap yourself in and hit the afterburners, this will be one hell of a ride!


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