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  • 03
  • 2019
  • 07.30
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Supergiant + Thingumabobs & The Thingumajigs

Please note this is an 18+ event

Supergiant are a funk inspired band from Manchester and Liverpool who formed way back in the day. They instantly shared a common love of funk and soul music. The band were fuelled by an obsession with analogue gear, classic instruments, kitsch films, vinyl records and jazz cigarettes. In the early 2000s life took them in different directions and years later in 2016 the power of social media rekindled the old friendships and the band was quickly back together with a mission.

The band members have been around the block and played at major festivals including T in the Park, Reading and Leeds and supported the likes of Basement Jaxx, The Chemical Brothers, James Taylor Quartet and Dub Pistols.

Supergiant’s sound is hammond heavy with funky riffs a plenty and 100% original. There are vocal tracks interspersed with instrumentals and the groove is at the heart and soul of everything they do. They reference many artists but what comes out of the melting pot is like no other.

Their influences range far and wide including The Meters, Beck, Can, James Brown, Corduroy, Beastie Boys and Booker T to the 1970s film soundtracks of Lalo Schifrin and the eras Blaxploitation movies.

It’s a splash of funk with a pinch of soul or what they call alt-funk.

Supergiant exist to create a glimmer of light in a darkened room….with songs titles like Double Denim, Dick Gravy and Hairless Mexican, Supergiant don’t take themselves too seriously and have their tongue firmly in its funky cheek. Their motto…….  “IN GROOVE WE TRUST”.


Thingumabob & the Thingumajigs are a band made up from a musical collective of friends from Salford who play “good time music”. We don’t play moody experimental stuff or virtuoso self-indulgent technical music; instead we play sing-along stuff for you lot, our fans, who we love to bits. The music is a blend of pop, funk, folk, reggae, soul, rock and everything in between. We do what we do because it’s fun for everyone in both the band and the crowd.