• 11
  • 07
  • 2019
  • 07.30
  • pm

The Lovely Boys / Top Bodybuilder Brian

Please note this is an 18+ event

Three weirdos, Two shows, ONE NIGHT ONLY baby.

Join Jayne Edwards as Top Body Builder Brian and The Lovely Boys for a jam packed evening of sillyness bound to whip you straight into shape and make you start acting right.


Joe and Mikey are lovely boys, they want to show off their jumpers, and play with their toys. Guided by the expert tutelage of wise old Uncle Willy, they try to make sense of the world in their own weird way. Expect silly fun and games from this creepy couple of mama’s boys in this absurd clownish bonanza.

“Contemporary eccentrics” – Delinquent Magazine
“Kooky Entertainment” – The Write Angle
“The Lovely Boys scare me, they are the future” – Luke Rollason


Top Bodybuilder Brian will demonstrate that shadow boxing outside Paddy Power can be a lifestyle choice. From the mind of weird comedian Jayne Edwards (as seen on BBC Three), comes a multidisciplinary and extremely silly comedy show about loss (wife), gain (weight) and whey protein. A lo-fi spectacle with a cult following, Brian is finally ready to open the door of his caravan and let the world in.

“A multi-layered spectacle of comedic talent” – JAMmag.com

“A unique comic” – Skinny