• 14
  • 07
  • 2018
  • 04.00
  • pm


Please note this is an 18+ event

After helping our friends at Drift_MCR, we’re back for a celebration of local artists – musicians, visual, digital and fine arts!

The VAMily is a visual-arts-music collective. We adopt an inclusive clubbing philosophy inside and out of club contexts. We use spaces as a place and time to inspire, share experience, and identify with each other as people with appreciation for the arts.

Summer is well underway and the VAMily would like to invite you to a day/night party at the intimate Eagle Inn for a take over of the entire venue. We’ll be bringing you two rooms of music and access to the courtyard for a chiller day of VAMily fun!

~~~~~Room 1 (bar area)~~~~~
Sofia Katia Wrazen
Sofie K will be providing sounds from the celestial outer-sphere. Her radio shows on Reform Radio, Limbo Radio and NTS Radio lie on the fringes of soul, funk, disco and otherworldly oddities. Having spun alongside Jayda G, Donna Leake, Jon K, Nosedrip and Annabel Fraser she’ll be packing some serious aural heat.

Adam Forbes
Forbes bring the sub to the pub. Heading up the Mossa Manchester crew, Forbes has a deeply informed knowledge of jazz, experimental and electronic music. He’ll be providing some sweet vinyl delights to the party.

~~~~~Room 2 (stage)~~~~~~
will be a voyage through tastes and tempos… Inspiring you with a range of sounds and expression. Running from evening until late !

bunny hoova
Bunny and the band – avant garde high grade weirdo pop with sharp transfixing melodies.
In their own words: ┏(・o・)┛┗ (・o・) ┓┏(・o・)┛┗ (・o・) ┓┏(・o・)┛┗ (・o・) ┓ ヾ(*д*)ノ゛(ノ°ο°)ノ(ノ°ο°)ノ

“The best band in Manchester” — Stockport Herald.


Acid Fudge
An all-round creative – heading up the stage with an all vinyl DJ set fudging together his favourites. Acid Fudge specialises in multimedia production, publishing and management.

As a DJ / VJ / interactive media-maker / space curator, he knows his way around all sides of the stage


Super selector Seska (Francesca Simcox) will be dropping some birthday bangers into the night!! Presenter of Sequencing on Reform Radio, whilst bringing many musicians to perform live sets, she explores softer sides of ambient and oriental in her mixes. Watch out for her mystery records and electro surprises!

She’s spun alongside Afrodeutsche, who played the Partisan Collective VAM party. Heavily involved with supporting the collective – this girl never stops.

espher is a well-established and respected Manchester-based producer. Inspired by artists such as Nils Frahm and Jon Hopkins, espher creates a sound of his own, with projects as diverse as they are coherent. His most recent offering, a full length LP, Ultraviolet, was a masterful journey through dark electronica, ecstatic techno and expansive soundscapes. Not only a musician, espher also creates vibrant electronic art, which he incorporates into a live show
that is not to be missed.


Jade Parker
Pegdolll welcomes Jade Parker with her debut EP Lead Me Astray. Already known to some through her work with Himalia, we are
pleased to announce that Jade is now releasing music in her own right.

An EP borne through experience of a transient lifestyle whilst travelling between Manchester and Leeds, alongside the challenge of completing a degree and carving a career in live events became the motivation for Lead Me Astray. Having to focus and embrace creativity whilst utilising the distractions of life became the catalyst that underpinned this three track release.

Lead Me Astray highlights Jade’s unique vocal ability, but also her carefully crafted production skills. Developing her own style with inspiration from Jessy Lanza and Burial, Jade Parker has an uncanny ability to use space, measured tempo and flawless sonics. The lead track Closer corroborates the experience of being lost whilst trying to find existence in the world.

Along with Maschine, granular synthesis, soundscape effects in conjunction with her own vocal samples, Jade ensured a maintained focus whilst recording in her bedroom studio and reflecting upon the future when travelling between cities.


Daniel Ruane
Manchester’s Daniel Ruane is one of the leading lights to emerge out of the worldwide experimental club landscape. Riddled with rhythms that twist to escape from conventional beat and dance forms, the 24 year old’s universe is generated of ethereal textures heavily instructed by sci-fi concepts, video game music and pitch black soundtracks. Daniel creates whimsical, enigmatic narratives that reject and evade the ideas of club friendly and the dancefloor being the terminus of this concept driven medium. Ruane’s hard-hitting and unconventional releases have found a home on Infinite Machine (CA/MEX), natural sciences (UK), Proximal Records (US), Schematic (US), The Silent Howl (CA) and oqko (DE) among others. His music has been championed by early supporters which include Objekt, Samuel Kerridge, Minor Science and Dis Fig and he’s received enthusiastic press support from the likes of Resident Advisor, Mixmag, Clash, Trax Magazine, Groove, The Brvtalist, XLR8R, Ransom Note and The Skinny.


CHAOS LOL is an ever-evolving entity, mutating in form to fill voids of negative space with positive time. The creator of CHAOS LOL has various backgrounds in group improvisation, electronic production, theatrical Opera, audio-visual projections, and immersive role-play combat environment-building. Previously, CHAOS LOL has worked with Brighter Sound on the Push:Music and Manchester Hill Remembered projects, remixed MCR-group Diving Station’s “Turn Off” to cultural acclaim, and also manages experimental community record label, You Might Not Like This – alongside co-managing Traffic MCR and projecting audio-reactive glitches all over the world as Idiotbox Visuals.
Expect polyrhythmic footwork & techno-core with brain-bending bass.


Forged in Manchester, LOW POWER STATE synthesises the hardcore continuum into a distilled vision of content representing oppression, liberation and rejuvenation through wide frame sonic manipulations and rhythmic gymnastics. Built on the foundation that the only response to vertigo is total abandonment to the freefall their performance veer from senses of stability, and functional dancefloor procedurals, towards shock and awe walls of noise.


Friends of VAM are collaborating together to bring you some local crafts and installations

See ya there!